Italian Heather Care Instructions

Italian Heather (Erica Ventricosa) Care Instructions

Native to South Africa, this showy plant prefers everything in moderation. It was popular as a potted plant during the nineteenth century in England. Flowers during May.

Size: Ht. 1 ½ ft. – 3 ½ ft. Spreads. 20” – 30”

Plant Guide: Plant outdoors in the garden in Zones 10-11 or display indoors. In climates unsuitable for planting in the garden, it can be grown in a container and moved to avoid harsh hot or cold conditions.

Light: Full Sun in moderate coastal climates. Partial sun in warmer climates.

Water: Requires excellent drainage and acid soil. Sandy soil with peat moss and compost is ideal. Heavy clay is usually fatal. No standing water on roots, and no absolute dryness.

Temperature: 55 degrees F to 80 degrees F but will tolerate down to 30 degree F. This plant is considered a perennial in moderate climates only.

Water: Excellent drainage and acid soil. Heavy clay soil is usually fatal. No standing water on roots. Avoid drying in pots.

Feeding: Give light feeding of acid plant food in early spring.