Lemon Cypress Care Instructions

“Lemon Cypress” (Cupressus macrocarpa) Care Instructions

Native to California’s Monterey Peninsula, this fast growing, lemon scented plant has multiple uses in the home, patio and landscape. It will keep its conical shape until 30 ft. tall.

Size: Up to 100 ft tall and 20 ft. wide

Planting Guide: In the garden, plant in well drained soil in early spring before the heat of summer, or plant in early fall. Prune if needed for hedges or to keep smaller. For container growing, transplant to a larger pot to allow for growth and easier water management.

Light: Partial shade in hot areas. Full sun in moderate coastal zones.

Temperature: Minus 10 degrees F to 105 degrees F.

Water: Keep well watered but not soggy. Can dry quickly in the pot. Be careful to avoid excessive drying or plant may not recover.

Fertilizer: During spring and summer growth, feed with a balanced fertilizer.