European Cypress

Native to the western United States and useful as a single tree, hedge or patio container plant. Decorate it year after year as a living Christmas tree.


Up to 15 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Planting Guide

Enjoy indoors during the holidays then plant outside in the garden or leave in the pot. Well drained soil. Can be transplanted to larger containers for the patio.


Partial shade to full sun.


USDA Zones 6–9. Hardy down to -5℉ for established plants in the ground. Tolerant to 115℉.


Keep moist to establish. Light watering to maintain. Plant where soil stays dry to moist, but not soggy.


Fertilize in the spring and fall during growth. Prefers acid soils.


Available October–December, our potted European Cypress comes in a variety of sizes and presentations, including seasonal decor. See catalogue for complete product listing including size, quantities, availability and UPCs.

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