Primarily native to the Balkan Peninsula, these winter-hardy shade perennials produce beautiful long-lasting winter and spring flowers in colors of pink, green, white and purple, depending on variety.


18 inches tall and 2 feet wide

Planting Guide

Enjoy in containers on the deck or balcony. Pots will eventually become root-bound so plant into the garden under larger trees or house eaves in filtered light or shade. Soil should have plenty of organic matter and drain well. Prefer neutral to alkaline soil. Will develop seeds and self-sow. Seedlings flower in 2–3 years.


Partial or full shade


-15℉ to 90℉. Hellebores can survive warm weather but will tend to go dormant. Not for desert climates.


Evenly moist soil. Well-established plants in the ground can tolerate some drought


Use a balanced fertilizer during early spring at half of label rates.


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