Italian Ventricosa

The plant that first put us on the map, the Italian Ventricosa is a Coastal Nursery exclusive. Native to South Africa, this showy plant with bonsai-like green foliage prefers everything in moderation. Fills with a bounty of bright pink blooms just in time for Mothers Day.


1 ½ feet to 3 ½ feet. Spreads 20 to 30 inches.

Planting Guide

Plant outdoors in the garden in USDA Zones 10–11 or display indoors. In climates suitable for planting outdoors, it can be grown in a container and moved to avoid extreme hot or cold conditions.


Full sun in moderate coastal climates. Partial sun in warmer climates.


55℉ to 80℉ but will tolerate down to 30℉. This plant is considered a perennial in moderate climates only.


Excellent drainage and acid soil. Heavy clay soil is usually fatal. No standing water on roots. Avoid drying in pots.


Give light feeding of acid plant food in early spring.


Available late April through May, our Italian Ventricosa comes potted and wrapped in decorative paper. See catalogue for complete product listing including size, quantities, availability and UPCs.

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