Mediterranean native with aromatic foliage. Flowers can be purple, pink or white depending on variety. Flowers in the spring and summer, attracting bees.


1 to 3 feet tall with a similar width.

Planting Guide

Enjoy indoors for a few weeks but eventually should be planted outdoors in containers or the garden. Well-drained soil. Can be sheared back no more than half.


Full sun. Provide some protection from the afternoon sun in very hot climates.


Cool nights, warm days. Most varieties established in the ground can tolerate down to 15℉. Plants in containers will be more sensitive to cold.


Drought tolerant. Water thoroughly but allow to dry between watering.


Very little fertilizer is required, if any.


Our potted Lavender come in a variety of sizes and presentations, including decorative wraps and containers. See catalogue for complete product listing including size, quantities, availability and UPCs.

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